Non stop crying in the carseat....

Lisa - posted on 05/13/2011 ( 1 mom has responded )




My 1 yr old will NOT stop crying in the car. We live in FL and most things I have to do are at least 25-30 mins away and he will cry the entire time. Non stop, no lulls, we're talking the Energizer Bunny of crying! I have 4 older children and have never seen anything like it with mine or any other kid in my family. He sweats, and gets hoarse and chokes but will not stop. I usually have to pull over and try to soothe him. Even on highways. I try toys, bottle, binky singing, dvd player...nothing. After I stop he's good for a bit. Could it be medical? At this point, I can't think of any other reason. We thought it was cuz he was rear-facing and changing him would help (he fits the turn-around criteria) but no luck.


Belinda - posted on 05/13/2011




Louise makes a good point, he could also be feeling queezy /car sick. He may not be actually throwing up but just feeling icky.

Louise - posted on 05/13/2011




Is it the actual seat maybe. Do the straps hurt him or make him uncomfortable. Borrow a friends seat and see how you get on. If he is the same then it is down to just pure fear and something he eventually will grow out of.

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