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Hello Anxiety fin an 8 year old,

Wow! Anxiety really please don't put your child in with a psychologist if your son does not have a serious health issue or behavior issue.

Anxiety I think comes from having maybe to much time on his hands getting children involved in sports of all kinds karate lessions, baseball, football, something where he is using his mind and body will take the anxiety away and it will also make him very healthy.

If the cost is the problem them try something on your own can you ride a bike go bike riding or maybe tennus anything that maybe you could also enjoy that would not really be expensive.

Sometime kids need friends their own age to play with make sure he has friends to hang with invite them over my son had lots of friends he had no brothers and sisters so he had his friends they became like my own kids. He did all kinds of things with them at our home and I enjoyed hearing them laugh.

I would also look at what is the food that your son is eating many kids react to fast foods and this could cause alergy problems and also anxiety or frustrations of all kinds even anger problems. Make sure he eats lots of fruit and vegetable and that he sees also that you eat healty.

Take time with with your child get involved in his school work and his play time inclued other families invite them to his birthday parties and sleepovers are fun too.

I hope some of what I have mentioned helps my son suffered from ADD and Disflexia and had anger problems what I saw was the most important thing of all was family game night we had a lot of fun and sometimes invited on of his friends to join us.

I have many great memories now that my son is 26 years old and I look back and it makes me so happy to remember.

I hope you will try everything you can before you take your son to a psychologist.
Good Luck

OH maybe a good Born Again Church they have lots of things for kids to do and he can make some really nice friends.

Cathy Helgerson

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