None-Custodial parent that wont comply with court orders

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Hello, I am looking for advise/recommendations on how to handle a none-custodial parent that wants to see his daughter but will not comply with court orders in order to see his daughter, then
explodes and flips out on me and is now dragging our daughter into things. Do to what I feel are extreme circumstances that lead up to our current court orders, I insist that we follow our visitation guidelines established by the court. while I have never denied him his visitation as long as it comply with court orders, he is still not getting much of it because he makes every excuses possible, except what is most likely the truth in the matter( he can't afford the gas money) as to why he can not take the ordered weekend as visitation, so he wants me to work around his life problems and give him visitation when ever he sees fit. In past visitation exchanges he is always extremity late showing up, ( an hour to even two hours) so I sit there and wait on him after driving for four hours myself. He has no regards to time, among other parenting responsibilities. And still feels that I should bend over backwards to accommodate his issues and if I don't then he gets extremely angry and fly's into threats of taking me back to court.


MaryAnn - posted on 07/03/2015




Stick to your guns. Visitation as per orders, document everything, and when he threatens, dare him to take you to court.
Dont let him bully you. Court orders are there for a reason, and if he values his relationship with your daughter, he will follow them. You know this. The court knows this.

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