None of my friends have kids.

Maggie - posted on 11/10/2015 ( 1 mom has responded )




I just had my second child in September. None of my friends have kids, but they were all very excited for me when i got pregnant both times. When I had my daughter, people were at my house all the time. My friends would call me to check on me or pop in. It didn't last long - maybe three weeks - and I was relieved when it stopped. I was able to rest and have bonding time with my daughter without worrying if I was showered and who was going to come over to my destroyed/messy home. But this time, no one called. No one came over. Eight weeks into maternity leave and not one friend has congratulated me or made sure I or the baby was okay (on a side note: my son was in the NICU for the first three days of his life because he wouldn't breath, but none of them know that because I haven't heard from them and it isn't something you call friends about while you're in the hospital). I didn't notice for the few weeks that no one was calling or coming by because I was busy recovering and taking care of a newborn and a toddler. But I notice now and I don't know what to do about it. I'm alone with my kids for most of the day, I see my husband for only a few hours at night before he goes to bed, and then I'm up throughout the night alone. I'm lonely and I feel like I can't talk to my friends about it because they don't have kids. I learned with my daughter that friends with no kids don't really like talking about kids. I'm also the only friend who is married, so, very different points in our lives. I don't go to clubs (I don't go anywhere), I don't try to pick up men, and I don't drink (pregnat/breastfeeding for the last 2 1/2 years). I feel like I can't talk to them about how I'm feeling either because i'll push them away. I'm afraid that they won't understand where I'm coming from and write me off. I'm not an outgoing person and it is hard for me to try new things and hard for me to make friends.


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I suggest finding a Mother's group or playgroup in your area. It's a great way to meet new people who are in the same place in life.

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