nonemancipated 21 yr old daughter

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My 21 yr old daughter isn't emancipated due to emotional issues. We have had our problems and had been seeing a psychiatrist for 4-5 yrs. She was being treated with meds and therapy and I took my meds as prescribed. Her new boyfriend didn't like her on meds and she didn't take them. She has a history of being suicidal when a boy tries to break up with her and I've come to her rescue .I do out of love. Her behavior changes dramatically with a guy and ruins our relationship. She never was responsible with anything .ADD, GAD, PMDD, seasonal affective disorder. She has court ordered child support which I get and her psychiatrist wrote letter to family court judge , she clearly wasn't a candidate for emancipation.Many nights she didn't come home .I spoke to the bf mother nicely and my kids were going to get together at my home for xmas eve dinner 1st time in yrs. When bf found out I spoke to mother, he called me and lied saying there was a warrant out for my arrest which turned out to be false. She was with him and didn't want me to ruin her Xmas by texting or calling her so I didn't. 2days after xmas she rings my bell. I don't answer. She then texts, call my phone and work and asked why I'm not talki ng. I gave her what she wanted. Her freedom. It hurt and still does. Multiple email I've tried .who knows if she has the same ones. No response. Her phone service was cut off for nonpayment. Maybe she has a prepaid. I don't know.I don't know my rights with the court order and I do think I want to help her succeed as she works some hrs at a tanning salon, no driver's license yet. I'm going through a bittersweet experience right now and would like some advice from anyone who maybe went through this before I seek judicial advice.


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The best person to answer your questions would be a lawyer or the judge that made the orders.... since typically once a child turns 18 they are legally able to be on their own.

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