North East Edmonton Mom-to-be already trying to plan a way to get to the gym!

Trisha - posted on 01/07/2015 ( no moms have responded yet )




Hi All! I am 5 months pregnant and I am already trying to find a mom or two who would want to meet up at a gym close to home.

I watch your baby for 30 minutes, while you do your workout and you watch mine for 30 minutes while I do mine!

I am just super eager to get back into shape, but absolutely hate cardio. I miss my leg presses....:( The gym/rec centre I would prefer is ACT, as it has a pool and and indoor playground. It could be a fun routine for all if we take advantage of the rest of the rec centre.

Yes, I know I could just leave the baby with my husband for a while, but I find that I never accomplish anything if I wait to do things till he gets home. I would prefer a morning routine - when he isn't around, so that I am less likely to make excuses to not go and stay at home and hang with him.

Some history: I was 250 lbs once. I lost 100 lbs by eating right and doing 15 minutes of weights/5 minutes of cardio every weekday. I am climbing the scale quicker than I should be while pregnant because of this missing routine. I will always be a chubby girl, but love being healthy.
Hoping to find other people with similar goals.
If working out is new to you, the only thing I can suggest is find exercises you love, and do the minimum of the stuff you hate. Eventually they will get better, but don't force them. 15 minutes a day WILL make a huge difference if you have never worked out before.

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