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Mary - posted on 07/10/2014 ( 1 mom has responded )




I'm going to make my story short.... I've been hearing news and stories about children left alone in cars and people, even other parents judging and pointing fingers
Now, my kids are ok, but I need to share something with anybody willing to read...
The morning of the problem I woke up as usual very early and so did the girls. It was raining cats and dogs. We would have to wait for the rain to stop. I fell asleep, the girls didn't. I swear I could hear the laughing and giggling and being noisy, then something like a bad feeling in my gut woke me up. My oldest was "taking a shower" in the tub, all clothes off splashing water all over that bathroom. My youngest was there too, out of the tub, but there.
I have no idea how long I was sleeping or how long they were in that bathroom. It was for my kids an innocent game and to me was misbehaving. This happen some time ago, and for some reason, maybe all that talk about kids left in cars, this morning I woke up crying because I realized, yes only until now, that I could have lose my kids to a terrible accident. I was just tired, I am not perfect and I have no intentions of making excuses for my lack of energy, I was just so tired and all I could think of is my oldest not letting her little sister get in the tub because it was only for her...that moment of not sharing probably saved my baby's life and I have to thank my 3 yearl old for it.
I am not proud of what happened, and again, I am not making excuses, I am only sharing with you a real life experience so you realize that it could happen to anybody, even us the little bit overprotecting parents. I thank God and heaven for being able to hold my children in my arms, and I just wanted to show you that instead of pointing fingers, like I did once, I am doing my best as a mom but I am only human and I don't think any parent want ever to live the experience of outliving a child for a terrible accident.
My message to anybody who reads this: WAKE UP< ACCIDENTS HAPPEN


Ev - posted on 07/10/2014




Accidents are one thing, but I have actually seen people come out to their car as I pull up and they open the door and little ones start moving around. They have actually left the kids in the car! That parent made the choice to do that. And anymore I find it hard to believe that a parent can forget that they had the child in the car with them and then go into a store and leave the kids behind. Too many deaths have occurred where the parents did not want to take the kids in with them and the heat in the car got so hot, the child or children died. Its just as bad as going to the store and seeing all these poor dogs in the car left out in the heat or even extreme cold while the owner is inside shopping. It does not take more than a couple of seconds to make sure that your car is clear of kids or even pets before you shut it up and go on about your day.

As for your incident, it was an accident. I was a tired parent when my kids were little and I fought to stay awake. I had no choice and forced myself to stay awake. I am not perfect either by any means. I have made my share of wrong choices. But in the case of leaving a kid in the car, I can actually say I never did that.

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