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Yea I'm a dad and was home alone with my son who is three and he knows what I am saying but will not talk I have taken him to a specialist to check his hearing and it is good. Long story short I asked seri how to make a three year old talk and she pulled up this site and I have notice that other parents have the same issue and now I don't feel like such a failure I read some of your postings and I have been making the same mistakes. He doesent have to talk when we give him what he wants. Thanks for help and the web site. The same night I read this he was wanting a drink of my tea and I just asked what do you want son he pointed and I said yea it's tea you want some tea and he shook his yes then I said say it and you can have it he immediately said tea. Wow. So I gave it to him later Jennifer my wife comes home and he points and says tea she was excited and tells me and I told her he has got us trained he doesent need to talk.


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Whoa! Great revelation dad! So many parents now a days do exactly what you described. Our kids have us trained to respond to even the slightest need and or want. We know in advance what they need or want & just do it hence our children do not need to speak. We made that mistake with our first child. We now have 4! Ages: 12, 10, 9 & 31/2 and people are amazed at our 3 yr olds vocabulary. He can very clearly hold a conversation. Granted he had the help of learning from his 3 older sisters & yes children do learn quicker from other children than they do from their parents & other adults. Our son has been clearly vocalizing his needs & wants from the time he learned to speak. He will ignore when we ask him questions occasionally & if that question happens to be a choice of say, do u want peanut butter apple slices or a muffin with butter, a food choice, and we rarely give choices but when we do if he ignores the question & won't answer he doesn't get to chose & I chose for him. You are so correct in saying our children have us trained! Once parents have that realization that's when the real parenting fun begins! Good luck dad! Keep doing what ur doing & ur son will be a chatterbox before u know it!!!

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