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Hello, this is my first post on this website. I found out about this website while trying to find topics related to my current situation but couldn't find anything so I was hoping to get some help from all the moms out there.

I am high school student going onto my Sophomore year (2nd year). If there is a minimum age to post on this website then I apologize. I have a problem in my PE class where other girls make fun of me for the kind of underwear I wear, especially the older girls like the Junior and Seniors. The kind of panties I have are not like the girls underwear that you can find in the girls section of Walmart and Target or ones that can be found at mall stores like Pink or Justice. They are panties that my mom would would get me on her occasional trip to Korea. They are the softest and most cutest panties that I have ever tried and have been using it since I was younger. The designs are cute too with small print hearts, teddy bears, and balloons. It even has little bows too. I've tried the Fruit of the Loom and Hanes kind but those aren't as comfortable.

Because of this the girls in my PE class when we change in the locker room would call me names and tease me. Now many girls in my class know and even in my elective classes as well. Even some boys know as well - and it's so embarrassing! I'm a pretty strong girl but I can only take so much of their negativity where it would be sometimes they would mention it a week but towards the end of the year in my Freshman year it's been almost everyday!

I'm a first generation American so my parents don't quite understand the young culture since they grew up in the Philippines and Korea, and they have a hard time understanding my situation. Because of this I would like to get some wisdom and advice from moms out there. Thank you very much.


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Diane - posted on 08/01/2018




Wear whatever you like It's underwear, and no one else's choice what you like and wear, after all it's Underwear. I doubt that no two girls have exactly the same anyway. Make a statement to yourself in what you like. Your underwear doesn't have to please anyone else!

Michelle - posted on 05/25/2018




What sort of advice are you after?
How to deal with the bullies or what sort of underwear is comfortable?
The kids are bullies and you can either report them to the school or ignore them. Don't give them any reaction and they will son tire of it and move onto the next kid. It's almost summer break for you so you won't be seeing them for a while.

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