not comftable with leaving my 3 months old baby?

Amy - posted on 12/14/2012 ( 1 mom has responded )




Hi im a first time mum and have a 3 month old baby girl the thing is right now i just seem to have a real problem with letting my family, her dad and others babysit my baby. Its not that i dont trust them i just hate being apart from her. when she was first born i let people hold and cuddle her as of course i was happy to show of my new baby, when she was around 7-8 weeks old i let my mum baby sit because she was constantly on my back about it and i thought it would do me the world of good except i was extremley worried sick and ever since then i will not let her, babys dad or anybody take her even for a couple of hours. im constantly making excuses because i feel as though if i try and explain my feelings they will not understand me and just be totally arsey with me. they wont get how im feeling. Its wearing me down how do i explain to everybody that right now i am not comftable with being apart from my baby? is this normal?


Dove - posted on 12/14/2012




Totally normal. I only 'went out' 3 times in the first year of my oldest child's life. She was in the nursery at Sunday School every week starting at 9 months and alone with her father a handful of times, but other than that... it was me 24/7. As she got older I got more and more comfortable with other people caring for her, but there is absolutely NOTHING wrong with not being ready for that when your baby is only 3 months old. The other people can have time to bond with your baby while you are there and you can slowly start them having one on one time (especially the father) with her. You CAN let someone (again, her father) do all the care and playing with your daughter while you are still in the house... and work up from there.

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