Not easy to be a wife and mom

Zoey - posted on 05/05/2013 ( 1 mom has responded )




My husband has been good and helpful. Don't know why recently he's very negative about life, work and family. He thinks he's a alone and no one cares about him. He complains that I put kids before him. I might have put a lot of priority on kids. But after taken care of kids after my full-time job, I am tired. He's important to me, but I wasn't expecting to take care of him as well. What does he expect? We are also looking for new place to move due one of my kids is going to kindergarten. My school district is not that good. I didn't want to apply to 1 school, although that school is considered 901 API and school had received "California Distinguish Award". I didn't like that school because the school is very old. It is by lottery. My son got picked and my husband is so happy. But I didn't like it at all. He keeps insist to attend the school. Not sure what to do. I was also mad that when my husband is tired, he sometimes can't control his temper and blame that I am not doing a good wife. So disappointing. I am already have a full-time job and try my best to take care of my kids. Although I do enjoy my kids and work, sometimes his comments makes me so mad. I try not to take it too personally either. What's going on with the men? He wasn't like that before. At the end, he still cares about me and kids. It's just not easy to tolerate and bear the moment when sometimes the words that he used. At the same time, he might tired and stressful too. It's not easy to be a good/understanding wife and mom.


Angela - posted on 05/06/2013




Not a very encouraging set-up!

When a wife & mother goes out to work full-time (and I assume the husband works full-time too) then household tasks should be SHARED. This includes child care as well as domestic chores.

If he did his duty at home by the kids and the housework, that would probably free-up some time for both of you to spend on one another.

I'm all for women going out to work (I work full-time myself) but I hate this attitude from men that everything in the home is women's work. They're HIS children, and HE lives in the house too. Insist he helps!

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