Not Feeding my baby enough?

Ashton - posted on 03/06/2013 ( 4 moms have responded )




Reading all of these people on here that are feeding their 11 months old things like toast and soup and salad and sandwhiches and whatever they are eating has me worried that I may not be feeding my little guy enough... He'll be 11 months old in just a few days and I dont feed him meat unless it's pureed... and other stuff well... here is his schedule
630AM: 7oz of formula
1030: 7oz formula, possibly a yogurt or banana but not always,
2:30: 7oz formula, yogurt or small jar of baby food (I use those bowls of 8 month old entrees they make but he only eats half of it most of the time)
6:30: baby entree and bottle that he never drinks
8:30-9:30: bottle before bed.

He rarely finishes the bottles. he'll eat maybe 5 oz out of them but any time he has a bottle and food together he never finishes the bottle, couple of sucks and then he throws it away and refuses any more. He also eats those nestle/gerber "puffs" snacks about half way between each feeding. He doesnt eat a lot of solid food that we eat, i mostly stick to the pre-made baby foods but i give him the occassional taste of our stuff, i'm really nervous about choking ( my little cousin almost died as a baby choking on an olive) I'm also super worried about him eating too much too, my whole family is obese and I really really don't want that for him so i'm trying really hard to keep his meals as healthy as I can. He has 8 teeth but doesnt chew so well. any time i've given him table food that we eat he's always choked on it. not severely but a small cough, like it went down the wrong tube or something. I guess every time is an exaggeration but there have been quite a few of them. I'm paranoid I know and I feel guilty now like i'm not feeding my child enough but he's always happy and bouncy and eats the baby food real good.. maybe I should start giving him the whole baby entree not just half...


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Ashton - posted on 03/07/2013




Yeah i've decided to stop listening to what people tell me to do and start listening to my gut. I know my little guy isn't ready for soft chunks of foods like sweet potatoes yet. I tried giving him some last night via lil miss can't be wrong's suggestion and guess what... he choked. badly too. My heart almost stopped and I had a mini panic attack. He's not ready for it and thats fine by me. he's eating, he's healthy, he's happy. and my intuition tells me that he's doing just fine. he gets mashed foods more than purees now but definitely isnt ready for small soft chunks he can pick up himself and there is nothing wrong with that. he's a chubby lil guy and very bouncy.

♫ Shawnn ♪♫♫ - posted on 03/06/2013




I never fed "baby" foods. My kids got introduced to the same meals that we were having, in appropriate mushy states for their age, and as soon as they got teeth, they got things they could chew on.

I really didn't think of it as being healthier, but now that I look back, it was, because we've always eaten very low sodium, etc diets, so that was an automatic with the kids too. I actually laugh at the younger moms who are doing it "organically" or being so proud of themselves for not buying store bought baby foods. (not that it is a bad thing, mind you, I'm not making fun of anyone) I giggle because buying jars of pureed food was not my thing, so I just did what my mother, grandmother, etc did by including the baby's meals in my own.

But, with all that rambling done, I do want to point out that if your pediatrician is happy with your child's weight and health, you are doing just fine!

~♥Little Miss - posted on 03/06/2013




I would start feeding him what you are eating. He is well past the stage of pureed foods. You can give him pasta with sauce or cheese on top, fresh pears that are very ripe cut up, bananas with wheat germ....he is not a good chewer because you give him all pureed items and have not given him an opportunity to practice. Stop giving him the entrees that are full of sodium and other additives. Make mashed potatoes, yams, you can certainly cut up small pieces of chicken if you want. Steamed green beans, or any vegetable. Just give him small pieces but big enough for him to grab and feed himself.

BUT, formula should be he main source of nutrition right now. I think at that age, my son was getting 3 solid bottles per day still, and had plenty of room for real food.

Penelope - posted on 03/06/2013




Every humans different. If he is gaining weight, he's fine. My daughter, who is 7 now, didn't really eat foods until I stopped breast feeding her, which was at 2 yrs old. Some kids don't really wanna eat. If he is grabbing at things and interested, then its time. But the whole choking thing is really not so concerning. Give him things like, steamed sweet potoatoes, that in cube shapes but can mush real easy. Bananas are great. You sound fine to me, no worries, your boy knows what he needs, he wont go hungry.

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