Not going to school.

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Hi I'm Katherine! But call me Kat!(:
Anyways I'm not a mother I'm a 15 year old girl that wanted some advice. Okay so I don't wanna go to school because I don't like the fact of being at school. I feel I'm I'm a nut box and I just wanna go home. My mom just wants me to go to school even though I don't want too. If I try to talk to her about it she says "no you have to go" or "too bad you have to go" but I want to attend an alternative school instead but my mom just talks bad about those schools. My mom is so nice & let's me stay at the house with her but i haven't gone to school in 3 weeks!!!
I don't want my mom to go to jail or anything I just want to change schools but I would need a new address and all the stuff.😒 but i would love to go to an alternative school but my mom won't listen to me!! Please help me is it a good idea to go an alternative school? Like I won't be absent in that school it's just only like 5 or 6 hours!


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Ledia - posted on 01/26/2015




Sorry.....I understand that you may have real concerns about attending the school you are in now, but for now, you NEED to be going to school, whether you want to or not.

First, if you are in the US, you mother CAN go to jail if you are not attending school and she does not have you registered through the state as a home school student (this costs anywhere from $200 and up in most states, and most require proof of curriculum).

Second, if you have REAL concerns about the school you are attending, you need to sit down and write them out along with the solutions this alternative school can provide for those issues. "Because I feel like I'm in a nut house" is NOT a valid reason for not attending school. Some of us feel like we are walking into a nut house every morning when we go to work, but we can't just up and change jobs whenever we want--we have to stay and work to support ourselves until we can manage a new job. Doesn't stop us from seeking a new job, or working on a new degree for another job, but we still have to go until we accomplish those things. Same goes for your school.

Now, if you are being bullied, if you have concerns about the curriculum at your school being too challenging or not challenging enough, those are real concerns that should be addressed either by speaking to a counselor at school to create an IEP or address bullying issues, or by changing schools all together.

That said, there are still a lot of things to consider about the "alternative school."
First, specifically, how does it address the problems you have with your current school? This is where you need to list out all of the problems you have with your current school, how the current school fails to address them, and what programs or services the alternative school offers that will adequately address those issues.
Second, do you have to pay tuition to attend? If so, how are you or your family going to pay for it?
Third, How will you get to school every day? Do they have a bus that services your area? Will someone have to drive you? Is it out of the way for the adult driving you?

Raye - posted on 01/26/2015




Got to school. If you have issues with other students, or anxiety about going to school, speak to the school counselor or ask your mom to get you in counseling to overcome your anxiety. School is mandatory until you're 18, and your mom could get in trouble if you're not attending. Grow up.

Jodi - posted on 01/26/2015




Well, let me just say that by reading your post, you need to go to school. Your grammar is appalling.

You sound like a spoiled brat. If the law says you must go to school, yes your mother may get in trouble. Grow up. Sometimes you have to do things you don't like for your own good. Get used to it, because life is like that. Just go to school. If you were my kid, you'd be lucky to have any privileges left, including the access to the internet you clearly have if you are posting here.

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