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Catherine - posted on 07/26/2016 ( 2 moms have responded )




I've been separated from my children's fTher for a couple of years and he has moved on and has a girlfriend. I am new at this situation and having a hard time accepting it. My kids are with him for the summer and now I get to hear about this woman. They like her and my daughter is now best friends with her daughter. Seeing this woman with my kids in a photo sent me over the edge. I don't want my kids to feel they can't talk about het but I just feel so hurt, left out, and angry. It's my fault he's moved on bc I wouldn't make a decision. I just cringe to hear my kids say she's staying over and her dog is at his house and I don't know how to come to terms with this? Any advice or words of encouragement would be appreciated.


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Lisa - posted on 08/03/2016




Hi Catherine, it does sound like you are still grieving like Jodi mentioned. It is best if you can seek help and let someone guide you and counsel you. Your children should be able to talk about their lives and who is in their lives freely. I know you mentioned that. So you have the right thoughts and you know what is best, the hard part is just working through that in your own heart. It will probably get easier with time, especially when you can work through your grief, but here and now, you need to keep telling yourself that you can do this. You can parent, you can take care of yourself and you can move forward. Hugs mama - you can do this!

Jodi - posted on 07/26/2016




It's been a couple of years. You can't expect him not to seek a new partner. We all move on at different paces, and a couple of years is certainly a respectable period of time. It certainly sounds like you haven't moved on, but now you need to face it. Have you considered counselling? Separating from someone who was significant in your life is a big deal and you need to go through a grieving process - it's all the same steps you go through when someone you love passes away. A counsellor can help you work through this process and assist you with finding your way to move on.

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