Not happy being a sahm?

Synquis - posted on 05/22/2012 ( 5 moms have responded )




My husband just got recently moved to third shift. I'm stressed all the time. I never get a break, and right now i feel like life is not fulfilling. I'm in my early 20, I don't get to go out. I have no real friends and family tend to act like I should have the easiest life known to man. Who else feels like this. Or is it just me?


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Synquis - posted on 05/27/2012




Thanks, yea i'm trying to make more time for me. There's place I would like to go and things i would love to do. But my hubby dosen't want to. I would go with friends but i dont have any any more. I did join a moms group though. I keep telling my self that over time. Things will get more fun.

Kristie - posted on 05/23/2012




trust me all my friends live in my home state or other states. I was told by hubby because my house isn't spotless that in effect is why i dont have friends. wtf it's his stupid butt(their is a new mom and another on our street) that wants to talk and he keeps telling them no dont come to the hosue ill send hr down. wtf and last summer our other neigbor had pool party for her bday and i wasn't in a good mood but we went. he said i embarassed him by not talking to anyone. sorry that I am shy and am not tht comfortable with new people. I would think that would be a compliment that i preferred to be with him. I dont drive(i know how just dont have license) so I cant go anywhere. My hubby started out on 3rd shift when it was just our son then switched to 2nd when they got rid of 3rd shift. Now they have 3rd again and it will benefit the family having the 3 kids in school. Honestly dont know if I like hubby half the time. Wonder why I dont like to be at home sometimes. Even other moms in his family(cousins wives his sister in law) like treat me like Im a second thought. Several years ago(i was only mom and a family friend) sister in llaw and family friends went to see the chippendale dudes I didnt get an invite. wtf so I dont care no more. I go to grocery store sometimes walmart and occassionaly to his family. yeah I call that getting out. apparently i should feel lucky to do that

Alecia - posted on 05/23/2012




i know how you feel. i got an evening job (which is prbly not an option for you) to help with this. sometimes it seems all i do is stay home full time with our daughter and work (btwn 30-40 hrs at night), but its nice to have work friends and people to talk to. i also go to the gym to take some 'me' time after work. good luck, mama. we certianly do not have the easiest jobs and we have to remember to take time for ourselves.

Tina - posted on 05/23/2012




I know that feeling sometimes you just have to make time for yourself even if that is going for a walk. Being stuck inside having no one to talk to will drive you insane. Well it drives me insane anyway.

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