not heavy, but "heavier" implantation bleeding?

Hailee - posted on 02/02/2014 ( 2 moms have responded )




hi ladies, my name is hailee. i am 24 years old ttc my second! okay so, ill start off by explaining my cycle a little bit, i have a longer cycle of about 37 days (it varies) but my last af was on january second, i was to ovulate on january 21 according to my charting. i had unprotected sex with my husband on january 17 (his birthday (; ) then not again until after "ovulation" the following week. on january 31 at around 11 pm i noticed a brown rusty color when i wiped. i put a panty liner on but noticed very little blood the next morning. it was only when i wiped that i saw anything, by now it was pink. then on the second day it got a little heavier, not extremely heavy and definatly not as heavy as af, which also isnt due for another 7 days. but the bleeding is like a very light period, its been 3 days now with red/brown blood. to make a long story short here, i know its not IMPOSSIBLE to have heavier implantation bleeding, i would just like to here any success stories and i am welcoming any advice anyone may have for me! thanks for reading ladies (:


Andrea - posted on 02/02/2014




With my first { 6 years old now} I had 12 days of light implantation bleeding, with my second { 5 year old} it was only 8 days of implantation bleeding and with my 12 month old I only had 5 days implantation bleeding.. I never even really thought about it till I missed my next period and then I would stop and really think about it and I knew.. but it always took more then one test to know for sure 1st time I took 6 or so 2nd I took 3 or so and my last one I took 4... I went to the doctor a week after I got the positive test just for them to confirm.. Never had any other problems related to longer or heavier implantation bleeding they just told me to take it easy in the start just be a little more cautions.. I would just wait till you stop bleeding then wait a week or so and test... I know I tested with all 3 while having implantation bleeding they always came up navigate..
Hope this is helpful, take care and best wishes...

Juveria - posted on 02/02/2014




hi.. do home pregnancy test and see.... maybe it will take you to some result.


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