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I know this is a little OT but I'm searching for some answers...

My husband snores dreadfully loud. We're quite certain, although not medically diagnosed, that he has sleep apnea. He does 'stop' breathing multiple times though the night due to an obstruction (relaxed muscles collapsing the airway).

HOWEVER, what I can't find any info on is his strange "hallucinations" while falling asleep. EVERY NIGHT while drifting off to sleep he'll jerk awake at least once. Occasionally, though, he'll actually jump up and think the house in on fire or someone is breaking in or a spider is dropping on his head from the ceiling. The most recent episode involved him thinking a sniper was at our bedroom door with his sites on my forehead. He jumped to his knees and went to push me down... I freaked a little and grabbed him calling out his name trying to wake him up. He generally wakes up quickly but remains disoriented for as long as a few minutes feeling like what happened was totally real.

I'm curious if anyone else has experienced this, what is it called and how can I learn more???

Thanks in advance for your posts. :)


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hi. thanks for all the concern; we are in the process of seeking prof. help. i was hoping, however, that someone might have a name associated with the hallucinations and jerks that i could use to research more in the mean time.


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It sure sounds like sleep apnea, you should get an oximetry done in order to confirm this diagnosis. It is a very simple test, you wear a finger probe over night to measure the O2 levels in his blood, this test is then downloaded and interpreted by a MD.

To find out more info go to

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Megan, there are do sleep studies he might be able to take advantage of. Usually colleges offer these. I am sure if you explain your situation they might be able to lead you in the right direction too.

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I suspect my husband also has sleep apnea. We are still waiting on a VA appointment that has been canceled and reschedule 4 times. yeah the VA sucks! He has not had an hallucinations but he was snoring very loudly to the point I could not sleep. He was also very easy to wake up. He has started to sleep propped up on pillows and it has helped a lot. Sometimes he does not snore at all or only very lightly--nothing like it was but we are still going to have it checked out. I had a sleep study done several years ago and they told me I had a slight case of sleep apnea which they felt I did not need oxygen for but that I should lose a few pounds and that would help me, which I did. I had no idea gaining weight could cause that. As far as the hallucinations go they could be caused by sleep deprivation if he is not getting enough REM sleep from the apnea. That does very bad things to your mind. I am sure the internet is full of info on it. Sleep deprivation is used by the military as a torture technique for a reason.

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I would concur with others who have answered you.  My husband has sleep apnea and if he doesn't have his CPAP (pressurized air forces the airway to stay open) on, he will jerk awake also.  I think it may be the brain signaling that something is significantly wrong.  This is something you *must* have him tested for.  It's nothing to fool around with.  My husband was only getting 70% oxygen while sleeping and that was really scary.  Also, just a note...he had the surgery (extreme - tongue tied down so it wouldn't block his throat, uvula removed, etc.); it didn't make a bit of difference and was very painful for him.  He still has to wear his CPAP apparatus every night.  Bottom line:  Get him to a Sleep apnea MD fast!

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Absolutely, he needs a sleep clinic, the dreams (probably not hallucinations) may have to do with altered sleep cycles as a result of his sleep apnoea or any medication that he is taking. Basically get him some professionla help!

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If he has sleep apnea I would get him to a sleep specialist because that is a very dangerous condition. But you can also ask them about this and they should have a pretty good idea about it. Have you looked on they tend to have about everything on there. I will look around though and find my husband sleep apnea paperwork it had some really good websites on it.

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He needs to see a sleep specialist to diagnose his problem. Sleep apnea is dangerous and should be treated.

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