Not pumping what I'm feeding

Brittany - posted on 12/13/2013 ( 2 moms have responded )




I am a stay at home mom with an almost 3 month old. She almost always feeds directly from my breast. When she doesn't feed from me I will pump and give her a bottle. I am now giving her 4 oz but I am only pumping 2.5-3 oz and it takes about 10 min to pump, which seems long. Shouldn't I be pumping at least 3.5-4 oz since that's what she's eating when I feed her a bottle?


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Carrie - posted on 12/17/2013




I pumped with both my boys and my pumping sessions were usually 15-20 minutes per time. and I usually pumped as often as I fed him. There was a point when my oldest began to eat more than I could produce and we had to start supplementing with formula. One thing to make sure is that you haven't begun cutting back your calories to get your pre baby body back faster. Breastfeeding mothers require 500 more calories a day than normal because you are breastfeeding.

Sarah - posted on 12/13/2013




The pump is not as effective as nursing, so you tend to get less pumping then you do when she nurses. A few tips....If you pump in the morning you will get more. As the day goes on you tend to pump less. Another thing you can do is pick a time of day that you will always pump. This tells your body to produce more milk at that time of day and over time you will then get more at that sitting.

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