Not quite 3 weeks, with a cold?!

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my baby will be 3 weeks old tomorrow, and she has had a "clogged tear duct" since a couple of days after she was born. now her nose is so congested that last night both of us barely slept because she could hardly breathe. the stuff coming out of her nose is green and some clear. im waiting on a call back from health link, but thought id ask on here while im waiting. any ideas if its a cold or if the eye thing has gone into an infection? and what to do with her nose that would help? ive been carefully washing her eye every time it gets gross, and taken her to the dr twice for other things (vomiting and poo issues...) and he keeps telling me its nothing but im getting frustrated. any advice?


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my daughter had the clogged tear duct until she was almost 3 months and her nose got very stuffy and green. my doc told me to keep sucking her nose. the tear duct will (hopefully) clear on its own however that eye will always be the first to show signs of a cold. keep a vaporizer going in her room as much as possible and elevate the head of her you have cats, we found out that she is very allergic to our cats and we had to get rid of them :( but is did help with the sinus issues as well. once her eye cleared up the green/yellow gunk went away pretty fast but with her having allergies and asthma she gets it quite often still.

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For the congestion, use saline drops in the nose, then suction it out with a bulb. Also sit in the bathroom with the shower running on hot, the steam helps.  Use a humidifier. Vics makes a baby chest rub, but I don't know if you can use it on a baby that young.  My son had the same problem with the tear duct, and my doc gave me an antibiotic ointment to rub on his eye every time he had the problem.  You can also apply a warm compress and gently massage above the affected eye.  My doc said it is a common problem that usually clears up after a few months.   Good luck!

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Find another pediatrician. I went thru a couple until we found one that validated my claims, since nobody "knows babies" as well as a mother knows their own baby. RSV is a common infection in smaller babies that can cause serious complications, like respiratory distress. I would take them to a pediatrician or ER doc asap to get tested for RSV, it's a very simple, rapid test that sees if the rotovirus is in the nasal sputum. You wouldn't want to take a chance missing something like that. Another cause for concern is a bacterial coinfection on top of a virus. Studies have shown that there is no tell-tale sign of a bacterial infection based on sputum color, the only way to know for sure is a blood culture that will show what, if any, bacterial infections may be present and also test for sensitivity to see which class of antibiotics will eradicate the infection -all things you should request asap while your baby's being evaluated.

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Green snot usually means an infection... While you're waiting, maybe try turning the shower on full blast (hot) and sit in the bathroom with her to help ease the congestion.

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Some people like saline drops inthe nose. It will moisten the sinus cavity flushing out the congestion and no harmful side effects. Definately use a warming humidifier in teh babies room, that too will help loosen and relieve congestion.

my little girl had tons of baby isses... The doc told me the 7 and 7 rule till they are two. Which means if they poo more then 7 times in a day or don't poo for 7 days then take them in. Their bodies are just different then ours until their digestive track can develop (typically between 2 and 3 years!!)

Since the eye and the sinus is connected I think they could cause problems for each other.  Not 100% on that one though.

Good luck and let me know if I can help you later on. Like I said we have been through it all!!!

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I am no doctor, and i would go back to the doc as it sounds like things are getting worse, or try your health visitor if you have one. Have you tried a baby chest rub to help her breath, or massaged the tear duct i was advised to do this when one of mine was ill like this as a baby, or one of those plug in gadgets that has they pads that are infused with vic or karvol, hope it helps

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