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We switched our 15 month old to a toddler bed a little over 2 weeks ago. It was a crib but it converts to a day bed with a toddler rail. He falls asleep no problem and seems to like it. He also understands to stay on the bed when i tuck him in. Problem is he falls out of it at least once a night. We have a 2nd mattress to break his fall but he is so upset to be woke up out of a deep sleep. I have to get up comfort him for a bit then tuck him in again. Is this completely normal at first or should we put the crib side back on his bed and try again in a couple months?

We are expecting our 2nd child in January so we wanted to switch him either before the baby gets here or a couple months after. No hurry though we are getting another crib for the new baby and he will be in a bassinet for a while at first.


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Why don't you buy a bed guard available from all baby and toddler shops. It slides under any size mattress and provides a mesh barrier about a foot tall. He will not be able to fall out then and you will get a full nights sleep.

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It's normal. As long as you have something to break his fall he'll be fine and he'll figure it out eventually. If he's falling asleep fine and seems to like his new bed, then I say let it be :)


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from what I have looked at the bed rails you can buy for a toddler bed are not compatible with his convertable crib because there is no box spring. I also do not want to spend extra $ on a different rail when his crib comes with both a toddler rail (although not very long) and a crib side I was just debating whether to put the crib side back up for now. He is falling out less and less sometimes he goes a few days without a problem I think he is just a very active sleeper. For now there is the spare mattress to break his fall... when baby brother gets here and we need the spare mattress for him we will re-evaluate. Putting the mattress directly on the floor is a good idea but he won't sleep that way guess it feels too open we also had a racecar bed before the convo crib and he wouldn't sleep in it either. I think he likes the daybed because there are still 3 sides so he feels more secure or maybe just cause it looks similar to the crib which he loved :)

Laura - posted on 11/19/2010




While 15 months seems a bit young for a switch to me, it is by no means wrong or impossible. If it's working for you (except the falling out part) then stick with it! Toddlers are often quite active and restless sleepers, so moving enough to fall out of bed at night isn't that unusual. I would suggest switching the toddler rail with a larger one, if possible. If you can't buy a larger bed rail, then consider putting the crib side back up for a few more months then try again. I think you're on the right track from the sounds of it! Good luck!

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I don't know if it's normal or not. My oldest 2 I put right into a big bed with a bed rail and my daughter I put in a toddler bed. None of them fell out of bed. You could try one of those bed rails on the toddler bed. It would make it so he can't fall out because it would cover the whole opening.

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One other thing you could try is just lay him on the mattress on the floor then he'll just roll onto the floor and possibly not wake up. I had to take my sons out of the crib at 15 mo because they kept climbing out.

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when we switched our daughter to her crib/day bed, I used a regular bed guard rail that went just about the whole length of the crib. this seemed to work well. it was still strong and secure enought that if she leaned against it it stayed in place . She was older than 2 when we did it though b/c she loved her crib and we weren't ready to switch her. We had our 2nd baby when our first was 21 months.

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I like to leave a baby in the crib as long as possible. My girls always liked the crib and enjoyed the security of it and liked to roll up against the sides. I found 2 years to be a good age for the switch. It only took a few nights to adapt. There was still a small rail on the side though.

My girls are about 22 months apart. I would encourage you to keep him in the crib until he is big enough to be excited about the big boy bed.

Good luck!

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