Not so good mom blaming father for child not wanting mom.... need some advice.

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Thanks for reading. First, I am a young single father and basically, our child's mother left us for the party life. When our child was young, would refuse to watch him, would openly despise having him so basically she didn't want to be a mother. I had to step up and i did in a major major way. I became superdad and supermom.

This in a way made this worse. Our child growing up saw that I did everything for him and this cause his mom to not care for our son even more (she knows our son is a great hands and doesn't have to worry). She has never doubted my fatherly skills.

Now that she is older, she wants to be part our child's life (btw, I am just as young but for some reason everyone ignores that, lol). I am ok with that but her method to seek it is telling the courts that I alienated our child against her when in reality it was her being selfish that caused our child to not want for her. He is still too young to voice his own opinion so it becomes a he said vs she said.

She is and has constantly blamed her selfish choices in life that backfire on me. Her poor relationship with her son was her own doing but I feel she thinks its my responsibility to ensure her own child likes her always regardless of what she feels towards him.

This has put a major damper on me. We both make over 100k a year now and I know lawyers eyes will have dollar signs on them knowing how much they can milk either of us.

I just want to know, has anyone experience this before where the absent parent blames the other parent instead of blaming themselves and how it turned out?


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I really feel for you and can't imagine what you are going through, all I can say is if she let your son down once she will soon do it again, try and suggest going to counselling first and organise days where she can have a few hours with your son at a time and see if she keeps up with seeing him, document everything all communication times she is late etc and if she is still as unreliable as you think she is, she will prove u right and u will save a lot of money out of the court. If she has changed and everything goes well it will be very hard for you, it's scary! As you have put everything you have into raising your son you will begrudge her swooning in going on fun days out etc when you have had your elbows in pooey nappies and had sick all down your shirt. All I can say is your son will allways have a special bond with you and will always love and respect you, the same won't be said for her. Keep doing what your doing as so far you have done an excellent job!!💃I hope this may of helped :-)

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