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Racheal - posted on 06/18/2010 ( 10 moms have responded )




ever sence my daughter started walking shes underweight. she started walking about 2 weeks after her 1st birthday she is now 14months. i took her for her 1 year doctor appointment when she was 13months her doctor said shes in the 50% for her weight. they said i have to bring her back in six weeks for a weight check to see if she gained any weight. they also said that from the last time i brought her for a check up to this time she had only gained half a pound and there was a 3 month gap inbetween those 2 visit. what im thinking is the reason of that is because she is walking and running now that its exercise so shes looseing some weight, she is a small little girl. im curious if u have any ideas on how i can get her to eat more. she eats anything u give her but she wont eat alot. she has her 3 meals a dayy and a snack or 2 inbetween each meal. im just alittle confused cause she does eat fine and shes getting taller shes just not getting fatter. sometimes also she loves mac and cheese and then other days shes doesnt want anything to do with it.its like that with other things too. any suggestions or advice.


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Renae - posted on 06/20/2010




I'm surprised your doctor didn't tell you / doesn't know that weight gain usually slows right down between 9-12 months. Most babies gain hardly anything during that time. Most babies also go through a phase of eating a lot less between 10 and 14 months. They also often insist on feeding themselves between about 12 and 14 months so not much gets in.

Your baby sounds perfectly normal to me. Gees I never cease to be frustrated and amazed at how many docs dont know the norms with babies.

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i think shes ok but if you are concerned you could try some pediasure once or twice a day. that will give her some extra calories and vitamins. its normal for them to slim down when they become mobile.

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There is a good possibility that it is genetic. Only one of my six kids even hits the growth chart! And they one that does sits in the 10th percentile. My youngest is about to turn two, she is only 18lbs. My doc tells me that for the first two to three years to feed them fatty foods..whole milk, french fries, peanut butter, and for extra calories...and a huge treat to them...Instant Carnation Breakfast. It is very normal for them to slow down and even lose weight when they start crawling and especially walking. As long as she is eating, pooping, peeing, she is fine!! Some doctors freak out more than they need to!!

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I agree with everyone else. 50% is great! My daughter has always been between 5-10% and the doc has never been worried. As long as she is growing taller, and is not losing weight, I seriously wouldn't worry.

Make sure she's drinking whole milk. Some good foods to help with weight gain are bananas, whole wheat pasta, whole wheat bread, peanut butter (be careful with allergies), avocados, and guacamole.

Also, kids are fickle with food. What she likes one day, she may not like the next. Don't worry about her refusing a food that she previously liked. Maybe she just wasn't in the mood for it. Just keep trying.

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Your little girl is fine. My daughter is 15 months old and she is between the 1 and 10 percentile for her age. She has always been like that since she was born. She is active, eats like your daughter does and she is happy. If your daughter is happy, has energy and is a good color, then she is fine. Every baby is different. This is drilled into us before we have our babies and then after we do, some how our little ones have to conform to charts.

If you think something is wrong with your daughter, then you should pursue the doctor to do everything s/he can. Otherwise, take a deep breathe when you are in there and remember you are feeding her well. Not all children/babies are chubby.

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if she's in the 50% for weight, i don't know why your doctor is worried. when kids start walking they usually slim down a bit. feed her whatever she'll eat (obviously mostly healthy stuff ) whenever she wants (my daughter snacks all day on top of her meals). Also, try to make sure you aren't restricting her fat content. kids still need fat at that age (although, not excessively i suppose).

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My daughter fell off the chart for her weight when I started solids, maily because she'd lose her appetite when she had (horrible) teething fits. But she's 4 now and still quite small, and friends tell me she's relatively weak and her motor skills are not as developed as the average kid her age. It still hurts to hear that, even if I know she's still in the range of what is "normal", so there is really no impact on her health and future developement. One thing I found helped stimulate her appetite since she was little was to give her some fruit about a a half hour before her meals. That way I was sure she was getting some vitamins, and the acidity of fruit opens up the appetite. Get a miltivitamine and keep full-fat on the dairy, and you should be fine. As your child grows, get her involved with the cooking - she'll probably eat with enthousiasm if she "helped" make the meal
Just remember that every kid is different, and their level of interest often dictates the areas where they thrive. Hang in there!

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I think that doctor is getting you all worked up for no reason. Your daughter started walking. That is why she is thin. My daughter stayed around the 50th percentile pretty much the whole time from the time she was born until she was 2 years old. It's nothing for your daughter to drop down to 50 after starting walking. You feed her well and you say she has grown taller so I don't see a problem. I'm sure everything is fine. It happened with my daughter and all my friends kids when they started walking.

Lyndsay - posted on 06/18/2010




What kind of milk is she drinking? If you give her only 3% milk, its more fatty so it may help her to retain some of the weight. You can try feeding her more carbs (potatoes or pasta) because they will give her energy to burn rather than burning off fat. As long as she's eating properly and she's thriving in your eyes, I wouldn't worry too much.

Emily - posted on 06/18/2010




50th percentile is considered underweight? I honestly wouldn't worry much about it. It is normal for kids to slow down in their weight when they start crawling and walking. Babies and young kids have a better sense of how much food they need than us as adults. I would just continue what you're doing, and get a second opinion if needed.

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