Not sure if daycare is the right thing for my two year old son, any suggestions?

Natasha - posted on 10/19/2013 ( 1 mom has responded )




I am a stay at home mother, and have been for two years by choice. My job permits me to be able to but i felt that my son was beginning to be too attached to me to a point of me not being able to go anywhere around the house without him yelling my name or crying when i leave the room so i figured that maybe to give him some independance to put him in daycare. He has been in now for only 3 days but every day he has cried for me and one day i had to go get him. I hate to see him like that because he is such a happy, sociable,funny kid. I know he isnt use to the rules of the daycare yet, meaning no bottles at nap time especially and i find that the teacher is a not being patient or compassionate to the fact that he isnt a kid that has been there since birth so she has to be patient with him. I interrupted her when i came to pick him up because he was crying for me and she had him in the corner on the floor. Am i being over protective? Do you think he is crying cause he doesnt like where he is? Or is it just him adjusting to the environment and being away from me. Or maybe the wrong daycare?


Sarah - posted on 10/19/2013




My suggestion is if you are a stay home mom instead of doing day care to socialize him join some play groups. This will be a better transition for him and then you can also help teach him how to interact and give him the tools he needs. Then maybe think about enrolling him in a preschool program when he is 3 yrs old....a program that is only for a couple hours a couple days a week. This will help him to gradually transition into being more comfortable in a large group setting. I would suggest getting him off the bottle as soon as possible. Doctors recommend no bottles after the age of 12 months, so he is well over due. Bottles longer can cause tooth decay, speech problems, and mouth and teeth formation problems.

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