Not sure what to do anymore?!? Any suggestions?

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I am in a situation where it involes a disabled child and im in a visitation battle over it.. I have full custody of my daughter but her father is asking for the full time visitation.. Ive been going threw this for over 2 years and did everything ive been asked to.. Well he was suppose to do some stuff to learn about our child and he still hasnt done anything and court wants him to get the full visitation the state offers.. Im really concerned about her safety and now we find out she has brain seziers which makes it much worse. I dont know where to turn to or what to do.. I am lost and the courts dont understand a child with disabitlity anyone have any suggestions what i should do? I have a lawyer but he told me just do the visitation till something happens. And i cant risk my daughters life for that


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Have you thought about the idea of the father having to sign a paper about if something happens to your daughter, that he is responsible for it? I can't imagine how hard it would be with this going on,..but, I emphasize for I have children of my own. If the father has her on visitation and it does however happen.. I pray not, but , if it would and something does happen and he don't know what to do and so forth and then she is taken to the hospital.. The hospital will contact authorities about the situation if they see that the father hasn't done everything possible to help the child. If that happens , then this full visitation will stop and he just might have supervised visits. If you dont' go through of the visitations like you are commanded by court... The court could reverse the custody.. I understand you dont' want to risk your daughters life, I wouldn't either. But really you dont have the choice, unless you get a 2nd opinion from a lawyer and take it back to court because of the situation.. If you would, then I would have documents from the doctors because of your child's condition..Also contact social services about the father not being fit to care for the child. You can appeal a court order.I hope all works out.

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