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Kate - posted on 10/23/2015 ( 5 moms have responded )




i try anything and everything to make my man happy me and him just found out im pregnant and he doesnt seem happy even know he been wanting a baby with me and we where trying to conevie for 8 month and now im finally pregnant and everything i do it feels like it not good enough please give me some advince about getting my man more in to this pregnancy please and thanks u


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Alexa - posted on 10/23/2015




Have you sat him down and ask him if there is anything bothering him? Some people just don't open up that easily but if you simply talk to him maybe that will guide you to the root of the problem. A little compassion and conversation can go a long way. Me and my fiancée are an open book and are always expressing ourselves. It helps fix problems quicker knowing we are both there for each other no matter what.

Jodi - posted on 10/23/2015




That's where counsellors can help. I agree with the other ladies. It isn't your job to make anyone happy. He is responsible for his own happiness.

With regard to getting a man more into your pregnancy, just remember, you are the one experiencing all of the symptoms. This isn't real to him right now, and may be just a little scary too. He won't connect with the baby the same way you do. Once it is born, it will be different, but right now, to him, there is no baby, there is no sign there is a baby, and that baby is not real yet.

Dove - posted on 10/23/2015




It's not your job to make him happy. Being happy or not is his choice.

Perhaps some couple's counseling to help open up communication would be beneficial for you both.

Raye - posted on 10/23/2015




You are not responsible for his happiness. Nothing you do can MAKE him happy. You both should be a team and be happy together. You need to talk to him about why it seems he's not happy. Maybe he's just not good at expressing himself. If you're not making it work now, bringing a child in the mix won't help. A child is not a tool to use to try and keep a relationship together. Talk to each other. Come up with a plan as partners to improve the relationship for yourselves and your child. If you can't make it work as a couple, then you need to make it work in a strictly co-parenting relationship as you find your happiness elsewhere.

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