NST Testing and Ultrasound for a 39 week old to measure activity

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We went in to check a fluid that came out of my partner's vagina. She thought she was leaking amniotic fluid. The test said it wasn't that. We then were hooked up the the NST device to check the baby. Even though it fluctuated from 130-180 and mainly maintained at a steady 150 the nurses were not satisfied. We then then the ultrasound for 30 minutes to see if the baby could pass the 10 point test. He did 6 out of 10 and we were asked to try again tomorrow. Our baby seems to be more active at night and usually isn't very active in the mornings. It's kind of frustrating because the hospital workers made my pregnant partner nervous. I hate when you go in for one concern and leave with another. From what I have heard around hear the baby is doing fine and my partner never thought there was anything wrong with the baby. Is it possible our baby is just very calm and also feels stressed out because my partner gets' nervous?


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When you are 39 weeks, activity may decrease because it is cramped, and also mom gets used to the kicking and doesn't notice it as much. The testing can be tedious and make you more nervous than relieved. The NST, is a tricky test to understand sometimes. Baby heart-rate from 130-180 is good, but when the rate increases, decreased or holds steady is even more important. It is possible that baby held at 150 or decreased even when mom indicated she felt movement, when ideally that is when you'd like to see the HR go up. The US test, even though he did not move as much as desired, would have revealed a lack of fluid, no movement and other concerns. As long as baby is moving, and keeps moving all is probably fine. If there was any evidence of distress, or no variability in baby's HR during the NST, your partner would be delivering in short order. Rest easy, time is very near.


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