Nursing- Missed period- Negative hpt

Chelsey - posted on 12/07/2010 ( 9 moms have responded )




December 7th 2010
Could I still be pregnant? My baby is almost 5 months old and I have been breastfeeding. I am now about 8 days late for my period ( I currently on day 41/42), tested twice and both negative. I got some familiar cramping around the time of my period but nothing. And now I am just waiting, waiting, waiting....
I have had 2 babies and I don't get ANY obvious pregnancy symptoms until 6 weeks, and I got an early positive for both. Could it be totally different this time?

Has this happened to anybody else and still been pg?
I am looking for some answers to put my mind at ease.


Tanya - posted on 12/09/2010




I breastfed all of my kids and it's normal to not get your period until months later, but on the other hand if you're having unprotected sex and not taking's a possiblity so maybe get some bloodwork done to rule it out..good luck!

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Hi There,
I breastfed all three of my kids and after the second child I didn't know I was pregnant until into the third month. In hindsight I now realize that the baby I was nursing was always fussy at feeding time and his sleep pattern was totally altered likely due to the pregnancy. I only took a test because I gagged while brushing my teeth as I had done with the other two pregnancies, although with them I had other signs as well. Anyhow, give it some time and remember that just because you have had your period while breastfeeding doesn't mean that you will get it consistently every month. Your body is still adjusting. Good Luck!

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Chelsey - posted on 12/09/2010




Krista- I know it sucks I got my period just 2 months after he was born. And with my first son I got my periiod just 3 months after. It is just odd that all of a sudden my period just stops. I get the cramps but no period. I have just NEVER skipped a period before unless I was pregnant. Well I am testing again tomorrow. i don't have time to get bloodwork done until I get back from visiting family in January.

Thanks for the insight everyone. I'll let you know.

Krista - posted on 12/09/2010




You've had your period already at 5 months and you're breast feeding? That seems early to me. My baby is nearly 5 months and I have yet to get mine. My friend's baby is almost 9 months and she hasn't gotten hers, either.

Amina - posted on 12/08/2010




if u checked and its nagetive so thats great news when breastfeedin ur homones are not same as u are not breastfeedin my son is 7 months and i am still didnt get my period and i am not worried coz am using protections if u worried just pop to ur gp and talk to them good luck

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You could be...but have you had your period since you gave birth? I have 8 month old and I haven't gotten mine yet (BF'ING also, and this is my second baby). I suppose your periods could be very irregular since you are still BF'ing.

Chelsey - posted on 12/08/2010




Hmm well maybe I could be 'off' but I was regular with my 1st from 3 months on and I was regular with this one from 2 months... a few days is normal I average about a 33 day cycle but that's it. I guess time will tell :( waiting is hard. But I would really like to know whether I can have my rum and eggnog this season!

Katherine - posted on 12/07/2010




With both of mine while I was BF I didn't have a period at all. Maybe you're just off.....

Tammy - posted on 12/07/2010




Have you been having regular periods? Because generally, bf can stop you from having them, or make them really irregular. I didnt get mine until my son was 13mo, and even then they were about 6 weeks or so apart. If you really want to be sure, get a blood test done to check, otherwise just take it a sign of a natural preventative to falling pregnant.

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