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sorry this is so long... I went to my check up on my dr last week on Monday & she said I was measuring a bit behind so she scheduled me another ultrasound for 2marrow..she wants to make sure my babys growing good and that fluids are good...I'm so worried..she said shes not worried but I still am...

It just really scared me when she said "to see if baby is growing right" because nothing has been wrong at all so far and I'm a FTM so haven't been through this and neather has anyone I know...I just don't know what to expect and don't want anything to Be wrong with my baby!

I really just hope its because I'm little. I am 5'7 & i was underweight to begin with pre pregnancy I was 115 then went down to 111 because of morning sickness and now I will be 29 weeks this coming tues and im 124. She thinks I may just have a little baby eather way..but if nothings wrong and shes just measuring a bit behind shes going to do a ultrasound for the next 2 months to be sure of things...I was sad at My anatomy scan since I thought it would be the last time I would see her but not now.

I also didn't do any of the downs tests or anything like that because my age and my dr didn't think I needed too that's one thing that scares me and my baby was where she needed to be at 21 weeks for the anatomy scan but she said I was measuring small on the 24th of jan too so I know its not a weekly growing thing.

I have been scared for 2marrow since last Monday & I just keep thinking about it & crying. I know being scared and crying won't help anything but I just don't know how 2marrow is going to be..I may be going by myself to the ultrasound & I will probably be alone when they call me if somethings finance can't take off work and his work place doesn't really care about anyones wife or girlfriend being mom has jury duty and I don't really have many just so scared.....

Anyone been through this
Or can anyone give me advice at all?

I know they may be wrong about when im due and how far along I am but still im scared.


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I know it is difficult not to worry, but really at this stage there is nothing to worry over.

My son measured small for pretty much the entire second half of my pregnancy. Like you, I am very small (I was 98lbs to start & only gained 25 for the whole pregnancy). My son was born healthy at 5.5lbs. Small, but healthy. I could not have carried a much larger baby. It is VERY common to do additional ultrasounds later in the pregnancy. Babies grow at different rates and at different times--MOST babies grow to a normal pattern, which is what your doctors are using, but every now and again, some babies grow fast for a bit, then slow down, or vise versa.

I did have all of the testing done because I have other health issues, but small size is not an indicator of any developmental problem that those tests would have picked up anyway, so don't fret about not having done them.

Also, don't worry about being alone when they call. If they are only doing an ultrasound they will know everything they can find out before you leave the office--there will not be a later call to discus test results. On the off chance that there is something that needs to be discussed, they will not discuss anything bad over the phone, they will always ask you to come in to discuss options and depending on the severity of the problem will usually make sure you have someone to come with you.

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