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I'm 35 weeks I was diagnosed with gd @ 28 weeks ever since I would think my ob would do more than take my blood pressure and measure me. I have had no more lab work the last ultrasound I had was at 30 weeks because the endocrinologist requested it and the ultrasound tech told us that the baby was already 5lbs i went by the doctors office my ob said she would look into and never heard back from her I had an appointment today (35 weeks 3days) she measured me and she said oh boy your going to have a big baby I told her yes I know the last ultrasound over a month ago showed the baby weighing 5lbs, I asked her the next questions when I'm i going to be tested for preclampsia due to my gd? When i'm i going to have my streb B test? I want a natural birth since the baby is big will you induce me earlier? she brushed off every single question and well your baby sounds good but your measuring big ill look over your records later and call you mind you I have good insurance and for her to brush me of is irritating me. I dont know what to do i explained to her about my severe pelvic pain to the point where it hurts to walk my pelvic bone pops constantly I get lightheaded and short of breath often i notified her of all of this today and she said your are ok its all normal. anyone with help or advice please help me.


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Christy: Wow...that was...wow. I would *never* tell a mom to not count on the birth she wants. How depressing and worrying for the mom...jeez.

If you don't like your OB, find another one or find a midwife. You don't have to stick with this lady if you don't want to. Start making phone calls and tell this doctor you're not happy with the way she's treating you.


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Talk to the OB about your concerns and attempt to address them, but ultimately don't stay with an OB that brushes you off, doesn't listen to you or adequately address your concerns.

I had an OB who refused to pay any attention to the fact that I developed Symphysis Pubis Dysfunction, where your ligaments grow so lax with pregnancy hormone that your pelvis cannot stay in alignment and pops with severe pain every time you move a leg, try to go up a single step or even walk normally. The OB would still be trying, cavalierly, to prise me apart to give me a pelvic exam, telling me that I was hollering about nothing.

It got to the point that, when I visited the OB practice in the wheelchair that I ended up in for the last 2 months of my 6 month pregnancy, the OB looked shocked and said, "Why are you in that?" I lost my temper and said something cutting along the lines of "I'm in it because of the condition I've been telling you about for the last bloody five months. Did you think I was making it up? Are you going to take me seriously or am I finding a different practice?"

He swallowed a lot of humble pie, apologised, and was thereafter the nicest and most supportive doctor that he could have been.

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If you have Gestational Diabetes then you shoudl go see a nutritionish and you should have a blood testing kit to make sure your blood sugars are staying within a normal range. That would be why you get light headed. I had GD when i was pregant and i had to test my blood 2 hours after every meal. I was induced early because i could no longer control it with diet alone. It is dangerous for your baby because becuase they could have a crash if they have too much insolin in their bodies when they are born. I would considering finding a new OB. it doesn't sound like she knows what she's talking about. Good luck I hope all goes well with you and your little one

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Have you been controlling your GD with diet? Does your doctor check your urine? The urine checks for protein and glucose. If they are coming back negative, and your blood pressure is normal, you are not showing risk factors for pre-eclampsia. The typical screening for pre-e is the urine dip, bp and checking for swelling. If you are having headaches or blurry vision, those are also warning signs.
As far as the big baby stuff- ultrasound can be very inaccurate in determining size of baby. I was told I was having a 9lb baby and he was not even 6. There is no reason to induce simply because they think baby might be big. "Big baby" is not a medical reason for induction. Women can birth big babies if they are given the opportunity to.
As far as the shortness of breath, it's normal. Baby is crowding your abdomen, not leaving alot of room for your lungs. The pelvic pain is a common part of pregnancy too. Chiropractic care can help tremendously with that. You could be having some ligament pain too, which unfortuately there is not much you can do about.
If you are not happy with your OB, switch. If you feel you are being brushed off, switch. You need to have a good relationship with your care provider, especially if you are planning a natural birth. You are the consumer. You pay her salary! You have the right to be satisfied and comfortable with your care!
I hope all goes well!

Amy - posted on 04/24/2011




First of all - i think it's a bit disturbing that you think because you have good insurance you deserve better care. I don't think that's how it should be. We should all get good care no matter how rich/poor we are or poorly/highly insured we are. If a doc is good they care about YOU, not money.

other than that - get a new ob. it is never too late to switch. if she's not getting you answers, find an OB who WILL.

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I would be looking for a new OB ASAP! Would you accept this type of treatment from any other service you pay to receive? If not then why are you tolerating it when it may impact so severly on the health of not only you but your baby also. I would also be lodging a complaint with the overseeing health registration board, but that's me

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i'd get a newe ob... thats what i did and was so much happier after switching. i was 33 wks with my first.

Dora - posted on 04/23/2011




When I was tested for gestational diabetes, as soon as it came back positive my doctor sent me to see a specialist. I was placed on a strict diabetic diet, had to check my sugar levels 1hr after each meal/snack and had to use ketone strips every morning to check my protein levels. I had a natural birth and happy I did. At this stage try to each as healthy as possible, reduce salt intake and lower your carb/sugar intake. Also make sure you are drinking nothing but water and drinking at least a min. of 8 glasses a day. I hope everything works out great for you :)

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Are you even testing your own BSL? Have they advised you on how to alter your diet to control the GD? You should have your GBS swab done at 36wks, which means that should be booked by now too. As for the pre-e, does the doc dip your urine at appointments?

It sounds like you are not getting the care you need. I would seriously consider switching care providers, even at this late stage.

Oh and I agree with Kate. Don't listen to people's negativity about your birth choices. It is perfectly possible to have a natural birth with GD. My step-sister did it.

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I had pre-e with my daughter and I was GD with my son.

I don't think it's very kind for a new mom to hear thing that aren't very encouraging. Childbirth is scary enough without people poo-pooing her hopes and goals.

Christy - posted on 04/23/2011




@ Kate, I have noticed a lot of your comments to posts are rather scathing. I am telling her MY uh, how did you put it? WOW my experience. Are you diabetic? Did you get pre-eclampsia when you were preggers? Don't bash someone if you don't know the whole story. Just wow, sayin'......

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I had pre-eclampsia with both of my kids and my dr induced at 36 weeks to the day and I had one 8lb 3 oz baby and one 6lb 13 oz baby and both were natural. It is totally possible to have it that way. I have amazing memories of both of my labors even though they were induced and I was a little drugged because they needed to keep me relaxed to keep my blood pressure down. I would find a different ob and just explain the situation and the right one will answer every question and reassure you and be honestly interested in your concerned. I lucked out and had an ob I could call at all hours and he was very patient and caring. Don't give up and don't agree to what you don't want or don't feel comfy with.

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Oh my...that's not appropriate treatment at all. If you have GD, you should be at least monitoring your blood sugars and watching what you eat. If you don't do any of that, they have no indication if your GD is controlled and how it could impact your baby (as far as size goes). I'm not sure what to tell you. You're so advanced in your pregnancy, it probably wouldn't be wise to switch doctors, but you might want to look into it.

[deleted account]

Wow... I am so sorry that is happening to you. I would recommend finding an new OB or midwife if you can and if you can't do not be afraid to be more forceful/demanding with the one you have. You are paying them for their services and it is your health as well as the health of your baby at stake. You are the mom and in charge. As far as the strep B they will do that soon if you are at 35 weeks and the preclampsia is constantly monitored by taking your blood pressure during your visits and having to give the urine samples each time. If you haven't had high blood pressure readings or protein in your urine samples you are probably okay. I wish you the best of luck!

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Next time don't allow her to brush you off. I also had pelvic pain and shortness of breath starting at about 30 weeks; those two things are pretty common in pregnant women. Try to relax and enjoy the last little bit of your pregnancy and try not to stress too much. You could also switch doctors if you dislike yours. Good luck and best wishes! :)

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I am type I diabetic and both my babies came at 35 weeks, one weighing 8 1/2 lbs, the second at 35 weeks 9lbs. I HAD to have C sections with both since pre eclampsia set in about a week before they were taken out. I wouldn't count on a natural birth if I were you. How have your blood sugars been?

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That doesn't sounds right to me, Strep B is usually done between 35 and 37 weeks. When i was pregnant with my son my hips constantly went out of place and i had major pain with that and it was because everything in your lower region becomes more flexible as you get closer to your delivery date.

I never had GD, but i kow the urine they get from you each time is important they look the color and smell, presence of the following substances are tested for: sediment, protein, glucose, ketones, nitrites, blood, leukocytes, bilirubin, pH, and ascorbic acid. Any sign of an elevated protein level will prompt them to look further.

If you feel unsure i would say call a different OB, i know its late in your pregnancy but just tell them you are uncomfortable. Or even call and talk to your nurses at your current OB's office they generally will help calm any fears you have. Good luck :-)

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