obstructive sleep apnea

Emma - posted on 12/01/2015 ( no moms have responded yet )




My son is now 8 and had his tonsils removed at four for moderate severe obstructive sleep apnea after the operation he healed well and his sleep improved. He has now got behavioural issues at home and school and is behind by 18mths at school we have lots of support and help trying to manage his issues. I have read that developmental delays can be caused from osa especially in more sever cases resulting In behavioural problems academically behind and the behaviour is similar to that off adhd which is the exact signs my son is displaying. Our specialist paediatrician has said he is border line adhd but wants to rule other things out before confirming this but I'm now concerned after hours of research and dyslexia etc being ruled out that he could be diagnosed as adhdwhen Infact it all stems from the obstructive sleep apnea has anyone had or having same issues and how did or are you going about helping your child? My son starts high school in two years and if he's struggling now he's going to struggle more when he's there and I just want to get him the right support and help for his needs

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