Oh I guess drug addict moms have more rights to have children than gay people do. Consider all those who have to go through years of fertility sessions or just cannot have a child at all. Why are druged out mom's able to have kids. Oh I guess they are more conservative or more deserving than gay people or people that cannot have kids due to intertility. We all have fallen short of the glory of god. Answer Christ in that I ask of you. Ask Christ why druggies are allowed to hve babies and not decent people. I am sorr Christ they are not of the 1% or worthy becasue they are men or fertile becasue they have fallen short of you and have sinned.


Jodi - posted on 10/10/2012




Chris, I have already had to delete two of your posts, and I am planting a warning in this one to let you know that your posts are being watched, and if you continue to post inappropriately, you will be blocked. This is not a place for you to post continual political rants that may be considered to offend.

Thank you


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Chris - posted on 10/10/2012




I apoligize I do not blame drug addict moms as my post sounded. I am mad at anyone who takes away the choice of someone to have or not have a child. I would love to have a child but I am also stigmatized by many shall we say organizations who might say I am unfit to have a child because I am gay.

The post about drug addict mothers was about individuals who would love to have a child but cannot due to health, sexual orientation and here I mean being able to adopt because of very old and sometimes even new conservative laws.

It does not seem fair to me that a drug addict in general is allowed to have a child and also have more rights to keep and raise a child if they are unwilling to change than a person or person,s that can provide and would give there life to have a child that cannot have them naturally themselves.

I also think it is wrong to not give person,s the right to give a child away or have an abortion because they know they are not able to care for the child or the child was conceived under a sexual perversion act or because it might kill the mother.

I am just angry at anyone that would take away someone's rights because the bible says it is wrong.

I think that anyone who can support and love a child should have the right to have a child. And anyone who cannot take care of or is unwilling to take care of a child properly might not have the right to choose under a President Romney Rule. I hope This helps make sense of my Rant.

I apoligize for sounding insensitive. I am for the rights of the caregivers of children and those who want and can love them no matter what.

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