Ok, how many people have experienced a good friend trying to tell you how to potty train your child?

Hope - posted on 09/12/2011 ( 5 moms have responded )




He Y'all I have another beef, and this erks the hell out of me, but I guess in a way its my own fault for not speaking up to her and saying hey thanks for the opinion but I can parent my own child thanks, I have to learn to speak up,but its more I am disappointed in myself that the fact I don't speak up cause I can't stand confrontation, but I guess I am going to have to learn anyhow, But it just really bugs me cause she acts like she is the mighty expert at this stuff and she does NOT have a child so what the hell does she know? But then again I know someone will likely reply back saying just cause someone doesn't have children doesn't mean they don't have common sense. But when she voices her opinions it makes me feel like a failure or a bad mom, WHICH I am not, my daughter is healthy, happy, and a very polite child most of the time.
just we are still having a struggle with the pooping on the potty, and she is 3 in a half I tried the timer, where I time when she goes to the bathroom like say every 20 mins, and I reward her with a treat or say a stamp on her hand or something, she is still wearing a pull up but only at night, but we are gradually getting off that, but its up to us, not my friend. I was about to tell her that when she has a kid of her own and she comes to potty training and she succeed than she can tell me how to potty train my daughter, but then she would shoot back and say I am never having kids anyways, then its like well then sorry your not authorized to give me advice then on the topic. But I feel she doesn't exactly think I am that great of a mother, cause I am not doing things in her expectations? What should I do? I know there will be people on here that will be very blunt and straight foward and won't sugar coat things, so I am preparing myself for brutal truth.



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Hope - posted on 09/12/2011




I do value our friendship, and she can be great help at times, but I do have to honestly speak up and tell her to kindly back off and mind her advise.

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The only thing you can hope for is that she DOES have a kid someday and that her child is stubborn when it come to things that she so freely offered her input on! Lol, I know not helpful, it sounds like you're daughter is coming along with the potty training, she's is a pull up just at night and some kids just don't wake up when they have to go so it's not the end of the world!
Honestly I'd probably drop her as a friend, unless she runs a daycare or has helped raise siblings how can she know anything about potty training?!? She's making you feel like a bad mom and that's just a lot if negativity no one needs in there life. I would just remove or distance yourself from her, if you really value the friendship then limit your encounters with her.

Erin - posted on 09/12/2011




I understand the frustration of not standing up for yourself. I am a "people pleaser" and swallow my feelings and opinions most of the time instead of "forcing" them on someone. My question to you is: if she's hurting your self esteem as a mother, is she really a good friend? It may be time to bump her to "aquaintence" if she won't take the message of "it's my child, I'll make the choices." As far a pooping on the potty, some children see poop as part of themselves and it's scary to flush it away. My eldest didn't have that problem and my youngest is not yet potty-training so I have no words of wisdom for you on that. My best advice to you is to surround yourself with friends that will encourage you and cut/loosen ties with those that want to tear you down.

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