Ok i am at my witts ends...

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For the past 3 weeks my son who just turned 2 wants to be in his birthday suit in bed,its just naps and bedtime he does this,not all day... anyways i dont know what to do, ive tried the backwards diaper,backwards sleepers,everything he now pulls his arms out of sleeves to strip down. im tired of doing laudnry everyday over it did anyone find anything that worked im sure i can try potty training but i dont beleive that this will solve the naked issue,and i dont believe he is at the age that he can be trained through the night and understand to wake up to go pee if needed. anyone have this problem,what did you do!


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Duct tape. Seriously, if it is the washing that is an issue, tape it on so he can't get it off without your assistance.


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My son is also taking off his clothes, but he is playing with his penis and peeing and pooping at his leisure. He is 2 years old, my husband and I dont remember this with the our four other kids. We have taken him to the potty but he does nothing and waits until we take him down to pee and poop wherever he is standing. Is this just a boy thing?

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Thanks Ladies. baught a big roll of duct tape and that is working now tha ti put it on he doesnt even try to get his Onsie off. We live in a Mobile home where its a little drafty so i dont think he is to hot. but he never has blankets on he has always kicked them off. Im starting too get him on the potty more during the day he tells me when he pooped in his diaper so i figure it might be a sign.Hopefully.

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I was also going to suggest duct tape.

You can see if he's interested in potty training. He might surprise you. Granted, my son didn't fully potty train til much closer to 3, but he was dry through the night MOST of the time before he potty trained. His sisters, on the other hand.... wet beds for YEARS!

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Have you turned up the heating as its winter??? could he just be too hot?
Try just putting him to bed in his nappy if it makes him comforable. Or as you say, try the potty training, get him some, big boy pants, (pull ups) maybe he'll keep these on.
My youngest was dry day & night at 18 months by her own choosing. You maybe lucky too. Just limit his drinks before betime & try putting him on the potty befor you go to bed if you can without completely waking him.

Good luck xxx

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