ok i had my daughter February 1and i just had sex the 27 of February and when i had sex i wasn't bleeding now im spotting


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Chana - posted on 03/04/2015




Like Evelyn said I don't understand either. I love my husband with all my heart and soul but the last thing I wanted to do 26 days after having a baby was have sex. I can't speak for others but I was still a little sore. If you are spotting, you probably irritated areas that still are healing and yes in theory you could also be pregnant.

Ev - posted on 03/04/2015




I do not understand why you are having sex so soon after baby. You should wait 6 weeks until you have healed from child birth to have sex. Most doctors say this. If you have had sex, if you are asking about having a baby, it is very possible.

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