ok, in feb of this year, my ex stuck me w a decree from court stating that neither parties shall have the opposite sex sleep ovr while the kids are present. my kids being 4&6. my boyfriend makes a date w us all about once a week , or every other. the girls like him just fine, and never see anything questionable. they kno that that hes mommys friend, and theirs too. no hugging, handholding, or anything romantic whatsoever between the 2 of us in thier presence. the idea being slow and steady, for the kids. recently, ive been informed that the home i rent is going into forecloser. w little money, id like to move alittle sooner than intended, and bring us into my bf home. i really think the ex will try to stop this. and of course, im worried. does he have merit? anyone have similar experiences w controlling exs? court/custody issues?


Michelle - posted on 09/05/2012




If it is in your court orders than it is a lot more difficult, you will have to petition the court to change this so you can move in together and I do believe the court will want to hear that you are engaged to be married and not just living together.

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