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My friend is pregnant and I want to make her a basket of the best baby products so can you help me out by telling me all the baby product that work best for your children and which to stay away from. Thanks Ladies


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A+D oinment, baby powder, diapers, infant tooth paste, johnson and johnson baby shampoo & lotion, baby wipes (sensitive)

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Butt Paste is awesome, Pampers Diapers worked the best - Luvs and Huggies leaked really bad for my 2 kids, Huggies Natural Care wipes, Halo sleep sacks- I loved them!! Johnson & Johnson lotion (pink bottle). Burp rags that look like the cloth diapers-(Gerber) they are wider and soak up more than the little narrow ones you see all over. I liked the Dr. Brown bottles and NUK brand NUKs. Bottle brushes. Munchkin makes a dishwasher basket for bottle parts that works well. But Dr. Brown doesn't wash up well in the dishwasher (I don't think so but my sister did). I liked Carter brand onsies better than Gerber. They were thicker and more true to size than the Gerber ones. Their snaps also were stronger and less likely to tear than Gerber. Safety 1st nail clippers were easier for me to grip than the little tiny nail clippers. I never used baby powder or oil.

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My big ones that I always get for people are J&J Vapor Bath for when the kid is stuffed up and gas drops. I also like Butt Paste it's the best one that's worked for us.

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Johnson's nighttime bath wash and lotion works like a champ. The lavender really does make the little ones sleepy.;) Also Aquaphor. I use it after bath time right after the lotion. It creates a barrier and makes baby's skin oh so soft.

Baby nail files.

Baby monitor, I almost bought a real expensive one but spotted a VTECH for about $30 and it works great and has battery back up in case the power goes out or if you want to clip it to your belt to listen in on the baby napping while doing house work or something.

If she plans on breastfeeding Lansinoh lanolin for breastfeeding mothers is the absolute best and an absolute must. If you do get it for her advise her to start using it right away. I did before my twins were born and my nipples never cracked or bled. Also if baby gets chapped lips you can use it on baby's lips. Make sure she is not allergic to wool before using.

Johnson's baby powder made of cornstarch. Talc can cause cancer http://www.preventcancer.com/consumers/c...

Teething rings.

A thermometer that takes the temp. on the head.

If she is going to be using a boppy,extra boppy slip covers are a must. There is one that acts as a barrier. That would go on first and then the colorful one on top of that. That one that acts as a barrier is great, no spit up gets through it.


You may already know this one,stay away from pacifiers and nipples made of latex.

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For my 5 month old son Butt Paste works the best for diaper rashes we use Johnson and Johnson Baby Wash and Shampoo, Huggies Wipes but Pampers Diapers, Gas Drops from CVS, Hylands Teething Gel, Cooling Cucumber Teething Gel, NUK pacifiers, Tippie Tommie Bottles, Aveno Baby Lotion

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A+D oitment & desitin for diaper rashes are best. Balmex is horrible. MAM pacificiers are my son's favorite...the ony ones he would ever use....plus the come in a ton of cute styles and aren't too expensive. Pampers diapers are the best, huggies leak really bad, Luvs are ok but don't hold as much as pampers..... My favorite wipes are the huggies wipes. Gripe water, gas drops, infant tylenol, & infant motrin are all essentials....teething tablets are awesome too. My favorite baby soaps are the Johnson & Johnson....same with lotions and baby powder. Never found a bottle I was 100% happy with...my son hated bottles.... Hand mittens to keep him from scratching himself when he was little was very helpful. Baby grooming stuff from Safety 1st is my favorite. Burp cloths were useless...too small, I prefered to just use recieving blankets (obviosly if I keeped up a baby spit up with one, I didn't use the same to wrap him). Batteries for baby swing, mobile, other baby items. Baby sling/carriers are nice if you want to have your hands free and baby wants held.

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