Ok me and my husband can't decide on a name for our baby boy due in November we know the middle name is for sure Carlos I would like it to go with his big brothers name which is Tony anyone have any suggestions


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Summer - posted on 07/22/2012




My husband is Hispanic but he wants a white name and the middle name Carlos after him I like Aaron

[deleted account]

Are you looking for more of an ethnic name? Is big brother Tony actually Anthony/Antonio? Do you like traditional names or more unique names?

A few names just popped into my head, and pardon the asumption simply based on your last name and middle name selection:

Michael/Miguel Carlos
Vincent/Vicente Carlos
Robert/Roberto Carlos
Alexander/Alejandro Carlos
Sergio Carlos
Lorenzo Carlos
Raphael Carlos

Again- please pardon the ethnic name assumption. I am just simply pulling up my class rosters and extracting a few names. Good luck to you!

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