ok moms... i dont crave sex ever since i had my kids! can you please help????!

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I am 24 years old.. I have a 2 year old and a 7 month old. BEFORE I had either of my girls, my husband and I were constantly having sex. It was a need to me. We would have sex ATLEAST twice a day, everyday and when he was at work, at times I would even self-plessure. Then I got pregnant. He deployed for 7 months came home and of course, not seeing him for that long, we got back on our routine. Everything seemed normal. But after I had my daughter, it died down a lot. I thought it was because I was always tired and didn't have the energy to have sex.. I just wanted to sleep when I had free time which I thought was normal, being a new mom. But we would have sex only a couple times a week. I got pregnant with my second daughter when my oldest was six months old. But now I have absolutely NO desire whatsoever to want to engage in sex or any sort.of sexual encounters. I thought I was experiencing the same feelings after having a newborn but she is 7 months old now and nothing has changed! Im never horny. I dont get turned on like I used to. Sex doesn't feel good to me anymore and I feel like its almost impossible to orgasm. And i dont even have the desire nor have i self pleasured since I've had my youngest. Is it just me? I dont know what i can do and i dont have medical coverage anymore so i can't turn to my doctors. And i really dont want it to come between me and my husband but I feel SO bad for him. I love him so much, I just dont know what I can do! I was wondering if any moms have experienced this or are currently in the same boat as me. Im 24 years old, I shouldn't not want to have sex. Somebody please help me!!


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~♥Little Miss - posted on 05/16/2012




Nope, it is not just you. Your hormones are still going cuckoo! My daughter just turned 2 in April, and it is coming back now. After my son was born it also took me a solid 2 years to get back into sex. It is exhausting being a parent. That definitely plays a part, but so do those mean ass hormones!

You should not be so hard on yourself. IMO, it is kind of a way of your body protecting itself. This way, naturally if you don't want sex, your body will not get pregnant again before it is ready.

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