ok my 5 month olds father lives with his mother and the house is just filthy. They let there 4 little dogs poop and pee in the house they never get let out and they have garbage and junk everywhere. How harmful is this to my baby and how do i tell her father that i dont want her going over there anymore. He will have a fit if i tell him i dont want our baby over there


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You should let her go over there for the same reason they do not allow dogs on children's playgrounds. The feces can be home to threadworms which live in human beings. Tell him that it would be negligent of you to have the baby in that mess. Offer that he could either clean up or visit her at your home. If DCF was to see a baby crawling around in a poopy, junk filled house, I wonder what they'd do?! You don't want to risk that.

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