ok my 8 year old son ( down syndrome ) is acting ridicoulous and whenever i spank hime he hits me back i have sevral bruses from him and he tells me call the po po hoe and whenevr i ask him to do something he says nup which means no and he wont go to bed for me and im a single mom ..... the biggest thing is i dont know if he understands me and he is middle functioning hes not high or low HELP!


Jenni - posted on 09/08/2011




I would suggest doing more research on disciplining children with disabilities. You can start with this article by Dr. Sears, he also has a child with downs syndrome.


It's pretty clear that all he's learned from spanking is that it's ok to hit. I would suggest researching other methods of discipline, specifically those geared towards children with disabilities.


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Jenni - posted on 09/09/2011




How do you react when he says these things?

For behaviours that are not physcially harmful or damage property, I would ignore it. He is probably saying these things because he knows it gets your attention. All children, whether they have disabilities or not don't care if they receive negative or positive attention, as long as they are receiving attention.

So with that in mind, show him negative behaviours do not get your attention. While showing him lots of attention and praise for positive behaviours he exhibits.

If he shows you affection. Praise him for it! Showing affection is a positive way to get your attention. While saying nasty things, is not... ignore those. No eye contact, just carry on with what you're doing.

Keep in mind when trying this method, behaviours often get far worse before they get better. He will try harder to get your attention by negative means. So be strong and consistant. Eventually, he'll understand these things don't get him the attention he is seeking. But positive behaviours do.

Sarah - posted on 09/09/2011




we were watching madea and i set up his fav. show in his room and i told him to stay in there and watch it i caught j\him comin out and put back in his room and i guess he snuck out and heard it and we were in the middle og goodwill and i said sit down in the cart he yelled call the po po ho! i was SO em.

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By hitting him, you're teaching him that hitting is how you deal with anger. A new approach is necessary. Sit down with him (when he's calm) and explain to him that the best way to deal with his emotions is to use his words. When he gets disrespectful, turn around and walk away. He can't disrespect you if you're not there. After a few minutes, come back and try talking again. He'll get annoyed that you're not staying around for him to disrespect you, at which point, you can calmly tell him that you aren't going to listen to his nasty words and if he wants to talk, he can do it respectfully. And it might be beneficial to seek counseling for him.

Ashley - posted on 09/09/2011




I'd like to know where he got "call the po po hoe" from?? He had to have learnt that from somewhere. Clearly spanking is not working for him as he thinks it's ok to hit back. I'd find other discipline methods for him or talk to your doctor

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