ok my ex which is the father of my child took my baby away from the godmother on friday. i havent seen my son since then and he will oy give him back. i talked to police and lawyers and they said he has to give him up but he won't. here the thing im goin to get custody papers on my son. now i cant contact my ex to se how my son is doing or i will be put in jail what should i do


Danielle - posted on 01/18/2012




Wait, why will you be put in Jail? I do not understand that part just based on you trying to contact him.

Do you know where the father lives? Because you are the legal guardian of the child, and the mother; I would assume you could bring the police to his door to surrender the child. How old is the baby? At a certain age, Im sure the courts will favour the mother request over the fathers. If we are talking more toddler then it may be more difficult.

If the father abusive, a drunk, or druggie?

If the father is any of these things as well it should help motivate the police to remove the child from his care.

What have the police said when you tell them the child was abducted by the father? Technically, if he has not given you any notice, and has not agreed on a time where the child will be returned it could be construed as such.

Good luck finding your child.

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