ok my son is underage and he has a child now who will be 8 months old whom we have not seen at all,cus we had to get an dna test done first. The test came back saying he is the father. Well the courts want to bring in my sons absent father of 16 years now so the babys mother could get more childsupport from me of course since my sons underage i will be paying his childsupport. My sons father has done spoke to my lawyer and has told him that he has never had anything to do with his son and he doesn't want anything to do with my sons baby. so why is my lawyer saying that he has to be at court also??? Please help me.


Dove - posted on 11/08/2012




That makes no sense whatsoever. These kids are the parents and child support, custody, etc... is (or at least SHOULD be) 100% their problem unless you are taking custody of this baby. YOU don't pay child support for your son's child....

Where the heck are you that that is the law? I've never heard of grandparents being required to pay child support for their grandchildren unless the grandparents are the ones getting custody.

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