Ok need help! While I was pregnant with my youngest who is now 9 months I was told there was a chance he / she could have either downs r cf. so in April I had a lovely baby girl. Not once did any one mention downs r anything. Ok so what's my problem u mite be thinking well my baby has had so many infections its unreal she had colic n reflux still does, also @ her 8 week ass. Doc noticed she only has 1 line on both her palms no other. She also has a space between her 1st 2 toes , she also doesn't sleep much but 2 me the docs think its all in my head plz some 1 help also she is my 2 nd so I'm not a 1 st time mum I'm convinced the reissue it can any 1 help pls xxxxxx


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Patricia Ann - posted on 01/11/2013




Have you gone to a pediatrician,also it s pretty much the same discription that i got on my grandbaby,and she has downs,so i would get another opinion from anywhere else,maybe they will know what you suspect already.......good luck

Samantha - posted on 01/11/2013




The last bit was ment 2 be I'm convinced there is some wrong xxxxx pls help also she ant crawling and has no teeth yet

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