ok, so Im new here....Where do I post certain things?

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...found this site while I was searching for info....Uhm.... If I have a question reguarding a late period and that I might be pregnant, where do i go to on the site to ask other moms?

Or is this it? Do I just use this post-box-thing to post then?


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You have come to the right place Kristyne and I'm glad you have found a community that suits you. Best of luck to you, I hope everything works out for you. Stay strong :-)

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Well, you can post general questions here on the welcome page. But you can also search through the list of communities and find groups of Mums who either share your interests, or share a similar lifestyle to you. Welcome to CoMs. I hope you enjoy yourself here.


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Thanks Sharon!

Yeah, I found it,...I have a post under Young moms aged 20-30. Im 21, so it fits.... lol

My boyfriend and I dont know yet if Im pregnant or if something worse (potentially serious medical problem) that lies beneath the surface.....

We're just.....on edge right now.

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