Ok so my girls do differant kind of stuff. But all of them are on the competition kept for Piper bc she only 4. But Chloe has dance at 8:00 in weekends and she goes from 9:00. Then week days she goes 5 to 9. Kendall does the same thing to with dance. Sophia does the same thing but she can go from 8 to 10. And on week days 5 to 10 or 9. Then she has gymnastic 12 to 7. My step daughter London the same thing she goes from 9 to 9 or 10 but that with cheer and on week days its 1 to 9. Piper does cheer but she only does it 3 times a week and its just 1 to 3 or 5 to 7. Kendall been doing this since she was 7, Sophia started at 6, Chloe started at 6, and London started at 7. Do you think i should stop this? They always complain about how it hurts and there just tired. But they do love doing this! But its a lot of for them and then school. What should i do?!?!?


Michelle - posted on 10/23/2012




If they are complaining than I would say it might be to much you don't have to stop everything maybe cut back. My son dances 8 hours a week he is highly competitive, any more than this though and I think he would get burned out and he is grade 6 and still needs time for homework. If homework comes up it takes first priority and we don't go to dance.

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