Ok so my kids hate there name kept for one. Do you think they are weird or whatever. My triples are Hunter Jackson, Elizabeth Kate (goes by Lexi), and then Tyler Mathew. Then my twins are Caitlyn Rose and Madison Grace. Do think those are dumb names like my kids? I mean i came up with them on my own!


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Megan - posted on 10/24/2012




Yeah, thanks! I try not to to upset or anything if it comes up i say that the name that i could my family to agree on! I think my girls care less it just when i call Maddie Madison instead of what she goes by. For some reason it just comes out!

S. - posted on 10/24/2012




those names are all nice, i hated my name for years and years its just a kid thing. the fact all of them dont like there names says there just copying of each other and being little pains in the bum!

[deleted account]

They are all lovely names. I think most kids go through a stage where they don't like their names. Try not to get upset over it as they will probably change their minds when they get older.

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