ok this is kind of a long story.. i have been with my boyfriend for 4 1/2 years. he has an almost 8 year old. he has been married since right before his son was born in march 2005. his wife left him and his son in 2007`-ish and he has been on his own living with his mom since. we got together in april of 2008 and about 2010 she decided to come back into his sons life about twice a year. now that she has her act together and finished school she thinks she can just pick up where she left off. i have been playing mom since i was 17 and i am almost 21now.. my boyfriend got arrested for driving after rev and not appearing in court. she got wind of it and came up from oklahoma and picked up his son here in wisconsin while my boyfriend was in jaill 2 days before school started and wont bring him back. they are still married and he has placement but they both have custody i believe...i want to know what we can do legally to get him back before its too late. they are putting things into his head. ive been around for half of his life and he just dosnt sound the same. i want im part of his life and im afraid that because she is a woman and has cleaned up her life they will favor her and i just dont know the laws...please i need advice asap before it gets too late...


Michelle - posted on 11/22/2012




Get a lawyer. Someone that knows the laws where you are and can help. You will need to go to court to get him back but that depends on the judge.

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