Okay for 7 week old to sleep on belly sometimes?

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My son is 7 weeks old. He goes to bed around 10 pm, sleeps until either around midnight or 2:30 a.m. (only a few times a week), and then up again around 4:30 or 5 for the last feeding. When I put him on his back after the 4:30 or 5 a.m. feeding, he gripes, groans, and makes awful gurgling sounds unless I flip him over onto his stomach. He will then sleep for a few hours straight if I do that. My question is, if his crib seems pretty safe, is it okay to leave him on his belly to sleep for a few hours? There are no blankets, pillows, or stuffed animals in his crib and the sheet is fitted and tight, and he is obviously still in our room at night. Do other moms do this? You get a little desperate after hearing them gripe and groan and be distressed on their backs. Thanks!


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Avoid his back. It sounds like maybe he's in a co-sleeper for now, but please take to heart this information for when he is in a full baby bed.

There was a study done in Australia. They found that the fireretardant put on baby beds, when mixed with wet (spit, spit up, or urine) produced a gas that sits about an inch off the matress. That gas has been linked with SIDS. They make an inexpensive mattress cover out of food-grade plastic that eliminates the contact liquid has with the mattress. I think it's called BebeSafe. When they started using this cover, the incidents of SIDS dropped something like 70%. They still don't know what causes all cases, but we figured "better safe than sorry".

Your little guy will be much safer on his back. Is he burping well after eating? It sounds like maybe trapped gas. There's also a tummy soother in, I believe, Sensational Beginnings. It's warm and wraps around their tummies to ease discomfort.

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