Okay i went through a custody battle about 3 yrs ago. court lasted for 6 months! My ex got everything that he wanted. then we started the visitation.... he saw her a total of 4 times. then started to ask me to come back to him? i told him no. then i got a call about a week later he told me that he doesn't want to see her anymore. and that he wants to sign over his rights to me. i was like WOOHOO!!! the date came for us to go to the court house he never showed. i tried to call, no answer. so about a month later i heard that he was having another baby. i was completely cool with that. then like about another month goes bye and i read in the paper that he had beaten his girlfriend so bad that he made her lose the baby. this is not the first time he has been in trouble like this. it was the reason why i left him. so now he has moved out of state. if he comes back in this state the he will go to jail. doesn't pay any child support. hasn't in 3yrs. i guess what my question is can i take him back to court and get his rights taken from him? i also found out that he has HEP C! i REALLY don't want my little girl around him!!


Kat - posted on 08/31/2012




Yes you can defiently go back to court. You should get a lawyer or go through legal aid if you need to and they will help you. Make sure you have proof of all that you are claiming. If he won't show up you may even be able to do it without him but that depends on your state.

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