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Okay Ladies I need advise on this one...2 years ago my husband and I split up but never divorced,I met another guy that was also my boss at the time and I must say I thought he was a prince charming.I ended up getting pregnant by him.I didnt know anything really about him outside of work.Him and I split up and I got back with my husband,About 5 months later I found out that this guy had also got anoter employee pregnant which her child is just 2 months younger than mine,I also found out he has 3 other children which he never paid child support on,I found that he has a history of domestiv vilence to the point he almost killed his ex wife,he drinks every day and takes pills,he acts like a child to the point that he partys with 1 of his children that is 13 providing them with alcohol and cigeretts.My husband has taken care of my daughter ever since she was born,she is now 13 months old.The father is now taking me to court and filed for full custody.We have went to court for a hearing and they gave him supervised visits on sundays for 2 hours at a protection center,we have our final hearing on the 18th of august.My lawyer has told me that he will more than likely get guidline visitation.Might I also say he has thretened to kill me and my family several times and also has moved 5 times in the last 2 years and is very unstable.The crt in our state and county is one that believes they just should go by the book instead of whats best for the child.I really need advise on what I can do in court or file to not let him around her. Thanks Megan


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~♥Little Miss - posted on 08/02/2011




I agree with Kate 100%. This is extremely complicated, and needs help from a professional that understand custody and child support laws in your area. You can usually call for a free consultation, and they can let you know if you have any ground to stand on...and if you in fact do indeed need a lawyer.

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If you know the other mothers then contact them and see how he has treated them in the past with their children. Does he only want your child and not theres seems a little odd. Club together and prove that this man is a serial baby machine with no commitment to any child. The court will frown upon him if he is not maintaining his children but they will not stop access, You need to prove alcohol or drug or violence abuse towards you or your child to stop visitation rights. Another thing you could mention is the fact he does not have a stable home life and that you are concerned he will pack up and flee with your child. Good luck, get yourself a red hot lawyer because you are going to need it.

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